With many products on the market and years of commercials, Riteketo has become a kind of family name. A look on the Internet will also find many testimonials from people who said they lost more than 12 pounds over the course of a few weeks while taking this “super” pill. So the question is, is this medication as effective as they say?

What is it?

Riteketo is actually a class of products with some variations that are sold as the solution to your  Riteketo weight loss problem. However, the companies behind the product are reluctant to make obvious and clear statements about what their products will and will not do, especially due to the sharp fines they have received over the years of the Federal Trade Commission. A closer look at the ingredients will also show that most products have similar formulas, and that there is nowhere to read that these pills will really help you lose weight.

Main ingredients

The ingredients announced in Riteketo are not many, and they are practically the same throughout the range. Caffeine seems to be the main ingredient, with some others, such as wild mint extract, komijn extract, wild olive extract and Lady’s famous mantle extract. These ingredients also appear to be the same as those used in Hydroxycut, a diet pill that has been discredited by countless studies and reviews.

How does it work?

The proprietary mixture used in the pills means that the exact amount of each ingredient is unknown. There is also little clinical evidence to indicate that these are effective for losing weight in that combination. Manufacturers also make wild claims only with regard to the energy-enhancing properties of the products and not the weight loss. Since all products contain basically a lot of caffeine, the increase in energy is easy to explain. With respect to the other ingredients, there is only one trial that shows that the mixture could be effective in losing weight, but in amounts of 930 mg per day.

Side effects

There are few serious side effects associated with the use of Riteketo. However, since all pills contain high levels of caffeine, sensitive or cardiac problems people may want to stay away. Symptoms associated with caffeine consumption include headaches, nausea, irritability, stomach upset, nervousness and insomnia.

Will it work for you?

The manufacturers of the product are really very careful with what they claim. If you read carefully, they will only claim that the pills will increase energy levels, nothing about the fact that they will really help you lose weight. What is said is that some ingredients found in the pills have proven effective in helping to lose weight, but low amounts make it very unlikely to produce a noticeable effect.


With a manufacturer with a dubious past and fines of millions of dollars from the FTC, and ingredients with marginal effects, this product is not recommended for weight loss. If you are only looking for higher energy levels, do yourself a favor and use coffee instead; It will be cheaper and safer than taking Riteketo.

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